The Monologue

In which I attempted to write something funny and sort of did

I wrote a meta-monologue

a monologue about monologues

and it’s really funny

well, it’s sort of funny

I wrote a meta-monologue that’s sort of funny

and I’m sorry

You can tell I was an existential mess but trying to be cheerful about it

Spotlight. Center stage. One person, female, opens the scene, introducing the story, the characters yet unseen by the audience, who, at first, listens intently. But she goes on and on, and they begin to slump in their seats. She continues, bravely, with a wistful glance here and there, a hand reaching out as though she is talking to someone we can all see. Yes. It is The Monologue. I wonder, as she drones on, is she lonely? I would know, for my life is, as God can see, nothing but a monologue; my own running commentary on my life as I see it. I care not to include the actions or voices of others, and even if I did, no one would join in. Of course it is a lonely place: All eyes on you, but none with you. The stage, the world empty, save one, lonely being, me. And on and on I drone; conjuring up images in my mind like phantoms. The audience grows weary, as do I. I know that a dialogue is much more dynamic, but I cannot find anyone to take the part. I have spent my life alone on center stage, hoping that there would arrive someone to share the stage and bring more life to what I so singly do represent. On and on, the lights don’t fade, but I do. But do not give up hope. The longer I speak the more time he has to realize that it is his cue and arrive. Light would flood the stage, not only me. Scenery and props would come alive to create a world of vibrant life, be it comedy or tragedy the story would be told with passion and conviction. But there is nothing more pathetic than a single monologue.

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