To the men catcalling me on 3rd Ave between Pine and Pike:

I’m sorry
should I stop what I’m doing,
where I’m going,
my conversation,
my life
to give you my un-
divided attention?
I hear your hey babies, your how you doin’?s
and I wonder,
what could you possibly hope to achieve?
Do you want a smile?
Do you want me to stop?
You think you’re gonna get a date that way?
Obviously that hasn’t really been working out for you
because you’re still standing on the street corner
asking for my name.

You think you’re cool?
You think you’re powerful
‘cause you can stand in the anonymity of faceless crowds
and say all the same words I’ve heard five times today,
before I even got to you?
But I’ve got news for you: I’m the one in charge here.
I’ve got a bus to catch when
at 7:45 am, late for work, and focused on my destination
you think it’s your turn for my attention,
I’ve got a song to listen to,
a bent nail to inspect,
so the most you’ll get is my frustration.
And I’ve got friends to meet,
or an apartment to clean
or dishes to do
at 5:15 when I hear your self-indulging voices again.

And I hear the mumbles, sometimes said too loudly,
of “skinny white bitch”
as I walk away,
unconcerned with you or the rest of your day,
because your tactless efforts have shown
that you’ve got absolutely no game.

I don’t think I’m better than you.
I’ve just got things I’ve gotta do,
and they do not involve acknowledging you.


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