Dear Claire

People talk about unrequited love like it’s some kind of tragedy, like the person who loves is the one who is deficient. And it is a tragedy. We live in this broken world where we can’t predict or control everything, where love doesn’t always get to grow at the same rate or between the same people. But you have to give yourself permission to love who you love when you love them. That doesn’t mean you should negligently let someone else hurt you, and you shouldn’t become a stalker. Boundaries are important, but it’s ok to love at a distance, and it’s ok for that love to hurt, and it’s ok that it will fade eventually, even though you don’t want it to. And it’s ok to sometimes do something a little stupid for love’s sake, not because that’s what love is or what lasting, healthy relationships are founded on, but because our best lives are ones lived in love. So it’s ok if you decide to fight for it.

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