The World is so New When I

The world is so new when I
read the words of those who came before,
with lives spread out over centuries gone,
and I can just imagine them sitting
in the same vastness of feeling,
a place more than fact,
somewhere beyond the stars or distance,
that fits in the palm of your hand,
spilling ink onto a page.
And though they are dead,
old bones, or dust, or rotting,
they make still new universes.

4 thoughts on “The World is so New When I

  1. I love this! Reading, to me,has always been a way of touching other people’s lives. People I would have no other way of knowing. Letting their lives impact mine in deep, amazing ways. Your imagery is beautiful.


  2. Claire you continue to amaze me with you ability to take what you read or experience and put in print for coming generations to read. I read a lot but I could never express my feelings the way you do.


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