Eternal Springtime Shines its Sun

Eternal springtime shines its sun
for happiness, singing birds & cherry blossom fun,
capturing my senses & sensibilities in rejuvenated delight.
Winter’s eyes are ever-practical, unable to fight
off sadness and skeletons and bitter cold nights.
But spring is upon us in glorious song,
in blue skies, wisping clouds, budding trees—mighty and strong—
color exploding in melodies, darkness retreating,
now ill at ease in daylight’s growing spring.
These are the joys the shifting earth does bring.
Though afternoons like these are rare,
they waft forever’s promise through the temperate air,
staving off tomorrow and working demands,
beckoning us to seashores, to play in the sands.
Today we forget worry & wringing our hands;
today is alive with beauty and delight,
pretending the sun never gives way to night.

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