How I Know

It’s funny how it happened,
my life, like a thread, got wrapped
all around theirs.

We wove in and out
in our hellos and goodbyes.
I hardly knew the shape we would take,
the tiny threads, binding us all
after tea
and before the movies,
somewhere between friends and lovers,
we’ve held each other
when depression and heartbreak
take the reigns, driving us down
unfamiliar paths, like a scene
from Beauty and the Beast.

We’ve had our share of laughter;
it will keep us young when
jobs and children keep our
evenings early and our dishes undone.
Love has blossomed in our midst,
over-flowing to every one of us,
drawing our threads tighter.

A conversation, a birthday, new houses,
even new shoes
are the little things that make us us,
even if we forget them soon.

I did not realize between
late-night walks and dinner parties,
lovers found and friends lost,
that the women who have stroked my hair,
and the men who have fed my intellect
were with every one of life’s threads,
weaving a beautiful tapestry.

So now I know
that weddings are not just the result
of two people’s love
and funerals are never meant to be attended alone.

I know that that bedrooms might be conception places,
but the living room and dinner table
are how we can sustain it.

I know that I prefer a family of friends
to every other ambition,
and if that old cliché is true,
I’ve found my home,
as odd as it may be, in all of you.

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