The Lonely Giant

There is greatness in you.
I see it when you speak
and every
as your thumb and finger come together
as if to grab hold
of the thread
which has your thoughts
coiling, rolling in its fibers.

And we are lonely,
the greatness in us
running in opposite directions.
For, these moments are precious
while we are here,
seeing greatness in each other’s eyes,
being  scared, uncertain,
Yes, these moments are precious.

And we are  giants
waiting to be killed.
We will sacrifice all,
let the worthy  cause
nail our  hands to the cross.
For, we have seen the greatness
in our Maker’s eyes.
Yours is not for  me,
and mine is not for you.

So, we will glimpse,
in these moments dear,
meeting eyes with the lonely giant
who, though far,
will never be so near.

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