The Wedding

Happy anniversary to my brother and sister-in-law!

The Wedding

In great anticipation all
we have been waiting
for the moments of first steps
as two make one
and the Story begins again.
Standing there, thus she,
the beauty of a century,
in rapt delight high above her spirit
in floating ecstasies,
Caught in his eyes,
hopes and wonderments
At the Princess before him
Prince Chadwick has won his Princess.
And we so joyfully sitting,
watching in elevated heartbeats,
congratulations and exclamations
in this heroic wonder
with laughs and smiles bountiful
and more than one or two
tears unavoidable dancing joys,
celebration of unity.
The I dos said with all convictions
In eyes staring deep, scared and reassuring
What triumph have we!
For at long last, after struggle and strife
the Princess has her prince
and Prince Chadwick his Princess.
And walking arm in arm,
first steps, as two are one
only is in part of the feast to come.

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