How Shall I Study Him?

How shall I study him? Has he written any books?
No books.
Then, what can be his impact on the world?
He will soon be forgotten.
Indeed, but you cannot replace him,
not in a hundred years with the greatest minds
nor the most studious spirits.
You do not find it tragic that such person should leave
nothing for us to remember him by?
He has let the world down in keeping his wisdom to himself.
Never has anyone been so giving in his wisdom.

We are his works, his books, his theology.
You do not understand that he cannot be simply read.
You must spend time with him, know him.
No text could signify his humanity.
Words are not sufficient to express him; he is more.
He remembers the substance of learning and teaching;
he is more than academia.
That is why we wish we could have met our grandparents,
why we heal when we reunite with estranged parents.
There is no replacement for the face to face.
His greatest gift to me was his humanity,
a reality too complex for any number of books.
And so it is, he will not be forgotten,
though, his name will pass away.
His gift will continue to give and give long after he no longer is.

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