Forever Secrets

I love sweet secrets that last forever,
not secrets that you mustn’t share,
but that you cannot,
under any circumstances,
though all of time eternal were your limit
and all of space, expanding, were your stage.

They are the kind of secret you must never keep
wholly to yourself
or wholly to anyone else.
Those are the kinds of secrets I love;
they sit in the corners with a bouquet
of red roses and baby’s breath.
They peak around edges
and topple over ledges.
You must be careful if you are to observe
a forever secret with forever words.

They come so unexpectedly;
you’ll never be guessing.
But, I’ll leave you with a clue:
You can always tell when there’s a secret close by.
You’ll have the same kind of feeling
as when there’s a fairy hiding in the room.

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