The Administration

Let’s continue the shame
that keeps people in line,
the darkness of secrets and lies.
For, our empire will crumble
if truth can run free;
we’ll be forced to be humble
in stead of wallowing in insincerity.
Let’s take the road so many have,
steeping ourselves in doctrine,
avoiding what we call havoc
and forgetting all real discipline.
Indeed, why should the truth be told in the end?
Let’s cast out the faithful, the loving, the kind
as soon as they step out of our lines.
We’ll put on a show of meekness and goodness,
while sharpening  our cunning and prowess.
Or, heaven forbid, this foundation of falseness
be forced to its knees
and all that we hold dear
become a pile of debris.
Let silence win in our debates
as we show compassion to the gate.
We’ll be no different from kings and corporations.
After all, we’re Christians and like alliterations.

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