Moon, Sky, Stars, Sun

Of all the things I love
(and there are so very many)—
sun, moon, stars, sky,
and flowers more than any—
for you there is love beyond compare,
one that lives
when sun has long disappeared.
For flowers fade faster
than day’s waning hours.
Though sky is lovely in its hues,
far from the beauty
of your eyes are its blues.
Though stars in celestial beauty stay
in their place day by day,
your beauty grows with your age.
Though moon is lovely in its rite,
it only shines in the night.
For sun, my love is true,
but only as it shines,
so I may see you.
And you I love like no other:
stars, moon, sun, sky.
Alive or alone kindred spirits know
the one who will be cherished
until one day, all’s perished.

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