Happy Mother’s Day

Maybe voices change the world,
or maybe politicians,
and maybe teachers are
the most unrecognized magicians.
But the world changes in many ways,
and in every weather.
For my part, I’m inclined
to think that this endeavor
rests on mothers.
For mothers give life anew
and nurture tiny loves
and teach a kind of lesson
never found in kindergarten
or any year above,

(not forgetting fathers, who
play so key a role in showing
and in growing
each child in its full).

Though the intelligentes
may have been renown,
Though Voltaire and Newton gave us
new ideas and reason why
the apple falls to the ground,
though Shakespeare gave us sonnets,
though Chaucer gave us Guinevere
though Chanel gave us the little black dress
and Van Gogh a starry night,
their mothers gave us them.

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