Water Falls

Water falls and canyons delve.
Oceans plunge the depths,
safron smells and parakeets trill,
and the moon turns the tide.
In hours’ passage
as sleeping, winks, and waking tend
it seems that ancient, spinning globe
continues to highly recommend
that grace be given
where wrong’s been done
and love replace the hatred
before the setting of the sun.
And so it is with me and you
as light laughs her tears away.
But fear of what tomorrow brings
only binds what could have wings.
Fear of loss is overthrown
by constant fear of failure
and even when I dare to love,
rejection’s sting crushes my savior.
Yet, love, I must to forgive
and forgive to find love.
And as the night turns to dawn,
and the earth cries her laughter gone,
I once again set my mind
to what today might bring:
blossoms blooming, doves crooning,
and starlight in the evening sky,
a friendship lost or found again.
These uncertainties do lie
awaiting the judgement of the day,
or maybe her relenting.
For though each day be prone to harshness,
her winds do often fade away.
And hope is not the end of all things,
but the beginning of what,
for now, remains unseen.

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