Disconcerted Quiet Conference

Walking toward me in
his determined impish way;
I cower, unsure of the many
possible dialogues to ensue.
He sidles so close and forces
my trust and intimacy,
and I can feel him next to me,
though I bristle at his touch,
yet so caught and petrified I remain
though no welcome from me came.
Then in whispered confidence,
as if to shut out
the close and observing world,
he asks the question I have,
in these brief seconds, been dreading.
I do not know to laugh or cry,
only now knowing absolutely
how pathetic am I.
And lying, simply something I cannot
do, however revolted, I sit exposed
by one I barely know.
Then you, walking toward us,
I see or imagine that your face
is covered in calm,
yet cannot hide the shadow of distrust
at this quiet conference.
And all of my fear can only
be expressed in the helpless,
desperate whisper of don’t
and I breathe again
when he says he won’t tell.
But now I know,
all my secrets are laid bare,
so even in winter clothes,
I am naked now, at his mercy,
should he choose to share.

2 thoughts on “Disconcerted Quiet Conference

  1. “Walking toward me…, I cower…” is ungrammatical (unless you really can cower while walking toward yourself). Perhaps you intended to convey confusion. If not, you might want to change it. Otherwise, I like it. It has suspense and a neat ending.


    • Do you have any suggestions as to how to fix it? I have tried a couple different things, but am dissatisfied with the result. I also don’t think it’s that confusing, ambiguous, yes. But that is the nature of poetry and language.


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