Be Here

To be here,
this moment,
this breath.
Even thoughts of green
pastures cannot always
distract my busy, jealous mind,

this breath,

And in memory that much
can and will go askew
my worry seems to sneak to
its too usual place, the front,

this breath,
this love,

And peace awaits in silence,
moments of each breath,
I am here.
But quickly lose my focus
and there I am, off again
to a tomorrow of imagining
the many things-filled day,

this breath

Your presence, the door to
Be here now,
Be real now,

this breath,

And something I have held,
not in hands, but in chest,
pressed above heart,
like weights or irons,
releases and seems to lift,
to lighten and away to drift.

this breath,

I am here,
with you, and here
we both rest.

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