Un Café Couturier

Le trésor!
You said in mocked wonder
and asked if I’d like un café.
Of Paris and couture,
and sacred things
we passed the hours of that day
in delighted, forced calm
for fear of being unprofessional
and our need for la politesse,
But in one another we could see
our souls so clearly,
though differences in look and stature
there are enough, the same.

In your clear blue eyes,
a world so familiar,
yet undeniably so new,
came beaming, radiating through.
Full of vivacity and passion,
no force on earth could keep you
from all that you loved.

à demain, I waved my hand
you called back in perfect Italian French
bon soir and I love you,
It was then I knew
I had surely found a friend.

3 thoughts on “Un Café Couturier

  1. Yay! You’re back! I love your poems. Thanks for sharing them. Somehow it makes me feel not hopelessly cut off from you to whom I yearn to be much closer.


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