When Love Proves False

When love proves false,
yet one lover remains true,
Heartache and Anguish
are not distant.
No, they penetrate the soul
both in waking and in sleeping.
Then the senses dull,
And pain seems to subside.
And I, so rejected, did hide,
Closing off my heart,
Sealing shut my trust,
Soon to find a wall, so thick
No bullet could destroy it,
No act of force or display of might
Move it from my care.
Yet one word from you,
One look, one movement
and every wall collapses
And we are friends again,
And love seems so near,
But all is an illusion,
For though I love steadily,
you have never known it.
So each kind word and smile,
prove nothing but a farce,
a winding, hard road to emptiness.
Yet, oh heart,
against my will and oath,
you escape me and will not resist hope.

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