I am in Love with the Stars

Walking the warm evening,
feet rubbing, aching in my boots
watching carefully the dark steps
on the uneven sidewalk
focused on small darkness,
When suddenly, looking high,
as if for the first time,
a million lights flood my eyes,
from a million miles gone.
With wonder I do gaze
walking slowly, hands in pockets, jacket open
swinging slightly in each step,
For now, feet too long in boots, forgotten,
I am in love with the stars.
For in perfect rhythm in all the days
of the so many long years
these twinkling beauties never fail to appear.
It is a wonder that they stand so still
in all the eons gone by,
never leaving for other commitments,
or visiting their neighboring friends,
but standing in beautiful constancy
an order infinitely more fascinating than chaos
seeming to rebel against anarchy,
and rejoice in reliable regularity
Whether they purpose to
love to put on a good show
or whether they never move because
they think they have the best seats,
All is a mystery,
But all this in a moment do I see
and remember that the universe,
like any wise lady,
is full of great mystery.

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