Snow Day

It didn’t snow in Seattle today, but it did in Minnesota, so I thought such a poem would be appropriate.

Snow Day
In ecstasy the words ring
in my barely awake ears
reminding me that to stay asleep
anther instant would be a crime
against the entire institution of education.
Snow Day.
Those flakes that woke me in the night
with their cold ringing voices
to whisper magic in the world
have fallen so many
that even the superintendent’s driveway plow
couldn’t clear his way to work
There are three glorious feet
of untouched and untainted,
glowing, white snow on the ground
waiting for me to explore.
What a strange, new world,
bare, bored trees transformed
to pristine castle spires
and so many new ups and downs
from snow piles on the ground
There are not hats, gloves,
scarves, or coats enough to keep
some from making my pale skin red.
And no amount of cold can keep me in,
though fire and hot chocolate
do their best to tempt.
Even favorite books can’t contain me,
For no read adventure could compare
to the heroics about to be performed
by me, the bundled babe
in the remains of last night’s snow storm.

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